Pan Continental Curling Championships 2023
Kelowna, BC, Canada
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Line-ups: Men B-Division -

Team     ↻ Player   Value↺ Player   Value   LSD Total 
Saudi Arabia     ALAQEL S 199.6 cmALDARAAN M 199.6 cm 399.2 cm 
India     ANTHAY SUTHAKARAN 22.0 cmVASANT K 96.6 cm 118.6 cm*



TeamPosition     Player
Saudi Arabia     SkipMASALMEH Amar    
India     SkipRAJU P. N.    
Saudi Arabia     Vice-SkipHAGAWI Hussain    
India     Vice-SkipANTHAY SUTHAKARAN    
Saudi Arabia     SecondALDARAAN Mohammad    
India     SecondVASANT Kishan    
Saudi Arabia     LeadALAQEL Suleiman    
India     LeadGOENKA Vinay    
Saudi Arabia     AlternateALYUZBASHI MS    
India     AlternateREDDY Sudheer    






Round Robin Standings

Team   Wins   Losses 
B-Division Men   
CHN7   0     Q
PHI6   1     Q
HKG5   2     Q
MEX4   3     Q
IND3   4    
KSA2   5    
BRA1   6    
KEN0   7    
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